Twitter Joins Reddit and Netflix in Net Neutrality Protest

Twitter Joins Reddit and Netflix in Net Neutrality Protest

Twitter has joined Netflix, Reddit, Mozilla, Kickstarter, Upworthy and others in an “internet slowdown” protest in support of net neutrality today.

Many technology firms are concerned that proposed new regulations from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will lead to some users facing extra charges from broadband service providers for full-speed access to the most popular internet websites, which includes social media portals such as Twitter and Facebook.

To show that they are taking part some of these platforms will display a spinning wheel – a familiar icon for slow loading speed – but will otherwise run normally.

“We support the Internet Slowdown campaign and its efforts to draw public attention to a critically important issue,” a Twitter spokesperson told the BBC. “We’re not planning to add a banner to our home page, but we’ll participate in other ways.”

Twitter Joins Reddit, Netflix and Others in Net Neutrality Protest

Paul Sieminski, general counsel of Automattic, which runs the popular WordPress blogging platform, said: “The free and open internet has been central to the economy and to global free expression. Everyone has to step up now and do everything they can to protect it.”

(Source: BBC.)