Twitter Acquires Design Agency Nclud’s Intellectual Property (And Co-Founders)

Twitter has acquired the intellectual property of design agency Nclud, and has brought some of its team into the flock.

Nclud’s co-founder Martin Ringlein announced in a tweet that he has become Twitter’s new design manager, and that he and two other former Nclud employees were busy filling out paperwork to start their new lives at Twitter.

Despite some possibly misleading tweets from both of Nclud’s co-founders, Twitter spokesperson Robert Weeks made it very clear to Mashable that it had not actually acquired the company, just the intellectual property and some of its employees:

“Twitter did not acquire nclud, the company, but we did acquire their IP…some members of the nclud team now work at Twitter.”

Co-founder Ringlein is now Twitter’s Design Manager, according to his LinkedIn, while fellow co-founder Alex Giron is Twitter’s Design Lead of International. And a little LinkedIn digging turned up another Nclud defector, Tom Giannattasio, formerly Art Director and now taking on a Designer role at Twitter.

Twitter has not released any information as to the specifics of the intellectual property it acquired from Nclud.

Business Insider put together a few examples of the design work done by Ringlein, to give us an idea of what to expect from him in the coming months.

Nclud is the latest in a series of acquisitions and acquihires Twitter has undergone in the past few months, including the acquisition of social aggregator Summify, and blogging platform Posterous.

(Business deal image via Shutterstock)