Here’s How to See a List of Everyone You’ve Muted on Twitter

Here's How to See a List of Everyone You've Muted on Twitter

Twitter’s mute button, which started as an experiment before becoming a core feature, has revolutionised the way many people use the platform.

In days of yore (i.e., before May 2014), if you were following somebody on Twitter who was, for whatever reason, kinda bugging you, then you only really had two choices: unfollow, or block.

(Yeah, okay, so a third choice was “deal with it”, but we’re only human.)

With the launch of the mute button, you could eliminate anyone’s tweets from your feed with a single click, while still maintaining an otherwise positive relationship with that person. See, with a mute, a person’s tweets stop appearing in your timeline, but they can still follow, @mention, favorite and direct message you, and these will all show up in your notifications. Plus, most importantly, they will continue to see YOUR tweets. That is, unless they’ve muted you as well.

While Twitter is never going to let us see who has muted us – that would totally defeat the point of the feature, after all – they have added a new option to your profile settings which will let you see a list of everyone that you have muted.

To access this:

1. Login to
2. Navigate to your profile settings
3. On the left sidebar click on the Muted accounts menu

Here's How to See A List of Everyone You've Muted on Twitter

Here's How to See A List of Everyone You've Muted on Twitter

The list defaults to accounts that you follow, and have muted. Click on the ‘All’ option to see a list of everyone you’ve muted, including non-follows.

From here you can freely unmute users by clicking the red unmute icon.

Very useful. Will be interesting to see if Twitter rolls out a page to show us everyone we’ve blocked in the future, too. I can’t think of any good reason why not.