Check Out The First Twitter Movie: “You Got Retweeted” [VIDEO]

Did you ever hope that somebody would make a movie about Twitter?

After all, it worked brilliantly for Facebook with The Social Network, so why not our favourite micro-blogging platform, too?

Well, I have some great news. The first Twitter movie is finally here!

It’s called You’ve Been Retweeted, and stars a lovable cast of rogues, including the (ahem) gorgeous Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men), Jason Ritter (Joan Of Arcadia), Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls) and Kimmy Gatewood (uh…). The movie centres around Brie’s character’s dream of meeting Ryan Gosling, who she hopes to track down through Twitter. When she starts following a Twitter comedian who’s a lot “funnier” in his tweets than he is IRL (In Real Life – I know! For reals!) a romance starts to blossom.

Check the trailer out below.

(Can’t see the clip? Go here.)

Okay, okay. So I lied. This isn’t a real film. It’s a spoof, and a hilarious and really quite insightful one at that, with more than a few little barbed digs at our favourite social channel (and social networking overall). Even the profiles in the film have been set up accordingly. A nice touch.

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(Source: Yahoo.)