REVEALED: Twitter’s 10 Most Retweeted Tweets Of All Time

As you might expect, Twitter’s list of the most retweeted tweets of all time is dominated by celebrities.

And it changes a lot. Currently, Twitter’s retweet champion is President Barack Obama, with his November 7 re-election victory tweet racking up more than half a million shares, good enough to keep previous title-holder Justin Bieber very much in his taillights.

Here are Twitter’s ten most retweeted tweets of all time.*

1. Barack Obama (500K+)

2. Justin Bieber (200K+)

3. T.J. Lang (98K+)

4. Floyd Mayweather (89K+)

5. Kim Kardashian (68K+)

6. Lady Gaga (34K+)

7. Katy Perry (33K+)

8. Selena Gomez (32K+)

9. Rihanna (29K+)

10. Taylor Swift (25K+)

* For the purposes of this article I’ve included only the most-retweeted tweet from any given celebrity. Otherwise, Bieber would probably have most of the top ten. And nobody wants that. Not here, and certainly not in the charts.

Also, as I said at the start, this list changes a lot and pretty much any major celebrity tweet can suddenly go through the roof. So, if you can find a tweet that should definitely be on this list, please comment below and link directly to the tweet so I can investigate myself. (Note that I’m only including one tweet per celebrity, so please only link to their top tweet.) I don’t have time to scroll through feeds or check out any celebrity who you think should be on here, but I’m happy to update this list if you guys do some of the work. I just need proof. Thanks!

(Thanks: Twitsprout.)

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