Want More Retweets On Twitter? Use An Exclamation Point! [STUDY]

Calls to action are a well-established and powerful marketing tool that help brands drive awareness of products and services, and they have proven to be very effective in digital marketing.

But how do you make them work on Twitter?

Use an exclamation point!

Dan Zarrella analysed more than two million link-containing retweets, comparing the performance of those that contain an “!” to those that did not. The results? Tweets that featured an exclamation point were retweeted considerably more than those that did not. However, Zarrella’s study also showed that while tweets containing an exclamation mark did generate more retweets, they also received proportionately less clicks.

Bottom line? Use wisely and, as always, sparingly.

(Source: Dan Zarrella. Exclamation point image via Shutterstock.)

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