Put Twitter Mobile In Your Mac’s Menu Bar With BirdDrop

If you find browser tabs SO 2012 and want a faster way to immediately access Twitter, you might be interested in BirdDrop.

The poopy sounding app sits in your Mac’s menu bar until you’re ready to “drop a tweet” or view your account without scanning the six hundred tabs you have open for Twitter.

The BirdDrop app “allows you to view Mobile Twitter on your OSX as the gods intended them.”

Mobile Twitter has many advantages, if you just want to get something in and out without having to load a heavy JS-dependent website this is for you. Just install the app and an icon appears on your menu bar. Click it and you have access to all functionalities that are available on Mobile Twitter such as tweeting, viewing your home timeline, DM’ing your contacts and more.  


Here’s how it looks:

But with Twitter for Mac available – and way better, why use this? CNET gives a good (enough) reason:

Do you have a Twitter problem? Do you want to talk about it? Instead of going cold turkey, perhaps you can begin to wean yourself from the little birdie by accessing only the mobile version of Twitter on your Mac with BirdDrop.

And if you have a similar “problem” with Facebook, they recommend you try MenuTab for Facebook.

(Image from Shutterstock)