An Industry First: Twitter Partners With Mass Relevance To Re-Syndicate Tweets For Display

Content publishers now have another tool in their social media belt. Through a recently announced partnership between Mass Relevance and Twitter, publishers will be able to re-syndicate Twitter content to display on a website, on air, at a venue or anywhere else they see fit.

The partnership was announced on the Twitter Developers Blog on Monday.

Mass Relevance is the first of several third-parties to be given access to the full Twitter firehose – that’s a massive 250 million tweets per day – to curate real-time tweets for publishers to display.

Specifically, Mass Relevance will be able to provide publishers a curated selection of related tweets in real time, and a visualization to display on browsers, TVs and large-scale screens.

And not only can this content be displayed in real time, but publishers will also be able to directly monetize this content through sponsorships or direct response.

Here’s what Sam Decker, CEO of Mass Relevance, has to say about the partnership:

“Media companies and brands have always found social content to be extremely engaging, but in the past third parties have not been able to syndicate Twitter content.

This partnership enables any brand that publishes content to log into our platform, filter and moderate content, display with customized or productized visualizations, and, for media, sell advertising against the content. There are over 250 million Tweets a day, and we can help brands find further, structured value in the massive growth of social conversations. It is a big honor to be Twitter’s partner, and this will be transformational for content publishers and advertisers.”

If you’ve been following Twitter news lately, you might have heard of Mass Relevance. The company recently partnered with Twitter to create the first ever official Twitter Town Hall in July.

Mass Relevance has worked with NBC, the Oscars, the Academy Awards, Katy Perry and a host of other events and brands, helping them increase engagement by incorporating the social web.