Twitter Makes National Election Days Paid Holidays for Employees Worldwide

Teams responsible for functions such as security will be on-hand during votes

All of Twitter's U.S. offices will be closed Nov. 3 TopVectors/iStock

Twitter is making national election voting days paid days off for its workforce around the world.

Senior communications manager Nick Pacilio said teams responsible for functions related to elections, such as security, will be on hand during elections, adding that the previous policy was to give employees two hours off of paid time to go vote.

He added that the new policy applies to Twitter’s contract workforce, as well, and the company will advise third-party partners about the closures so they can plan similar initiatives for their teams or find them other work.

Pacilio shared Twitter’s internal email: ““Given the importance of voting, going forward, all national election voting days that take place on a weekday will be a paid day off. Since the U.S. presidential election falls on a work day (Nov. 3), we will plan to close all U.S. offices on that day. For all other elections, if you do not have enough time outside of working hours to vote or your country doesn’t already have a process in place to address this, you should take the time you need to do so, and you will be compensated for the time off.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.