Twitter Looking To Hire A Government Liaison For Its Push Into Politics

Want to work for Twitter? They’ve just posted a new position, but this isn’t your average coder or marketing job – Twitter is looking for a government liaison to plant themselves in the Washington D.C. beltway and spread the gospel of Twitter to politicians, policy makers, lobbyists and other politicos. This will be Twitter’s first position based in the D.C. area, and indicates that they’re positioning themselves as an invaluable tool for political campaigning, and might just have some big plans in the near future.

The responsibilities of this position include supporting government and political use of Twitter, promoting and increasing the political use of Twitter, and engaging in outreach programs to better understand government needs. The chosen candidate will have to move to the Washington D.C. area, and will likely hob nob with the upper echelons of the political elite while proselytize the benefits of joining Twitter.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, Twitter has been used by politicians the world over: politicians in Canada are Tweeting the Federal Budget; the new UK government just overhauled their social media strategy, including setting up a new Twitter account; and Twitter played a part in the recent downfall of an Indian member of parliament. And, of course, the Obama administration has been a political powerhouses across a variety of social media, including Twitter.

Having a representative in Washington only bodes well for Twitter. As more politicians add their micro-statements to the Twitter space, the company’s services will begin to become invaluable to campaigns and on-going public relations. This representative will be there to help politicians get the most out of Twitter, and, no doubt, help Twitter get the most out of politicians.

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