Twitter Makes Live Coverage Livelier (And More Dangerous) For Reporters

Did you know that a train derailed in Baltimore today? If you saw it break on Twitter, you’re likely watching events unfold as they happen.

This is nothing new and pales in comparison to other live-tweeted breaking events, but it does make one wonder to what extent reporters and photojournalists will go to get the story.

There’s definitely something to be said for breaking news, particularly when it helps folks stay safe:

But how reporters get the news, in this increasingly competitive “first before facts” age we live in is another story. 

Reporters have often placed themselves in harm’s way before now and will continue to, of course, but is anyone else sensing the race has reached speeds that are this side shy of reckless? And once we reach that tipping point, once someone gets hurt, will we take a step back – or will that be the new standard?

(Image from Shutterstock)