Twitter Listens to Users, Nixes Over 140 Character Limit

And now, we can all fly high without worry.

Well, it’s about damn time.

Twitter finally did the unthinkable: With all of its changes to its API, timeline, header, and aesthetic, the rumor that the company may expand the character count to 10,000 was enough to make us all feel like the little blue bird just didn’t care about its users.

It turns out, Jack is not beyond listening to the 305 million users making him cash daily, and those 10,000 characters are a thing of the past and have gone belly up like that dreaded whale.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared on The Today Show to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. And there, Dorsey proved we Twitter users matter, when he shared with Matt Lauer that Twitter’s 140-character limit will not be expanded to 10,000 characters, as was feared.

“It’s staying. It’s a good constraint for us,” Dorsey said. “It allows for of-the-moment brevity.”

Ya’ think?

There is no elaboration, and for this, who cares. We are back to tweeting at 140 BPM.

Tweet on, folks. Tweet on!

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