Twitter Lets You Turn on SSL (https://) Permanently: Safety for Notebooks/Tablets on Public Hotspots

Some of you may recall the Firesheep Firefox plugin developed last year that used a packet sniffer technique to find unencrypted browser cookies for sites like Facebook and Twitter. The plugin let the Firefox user hijack accounts using these sites in the local network (usually a wireless one). The quick fix was to use the “https” SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption when accessing these sites. However, the vast majority of people either did not know or neglected to do so.

Twitter just made it a little easier to secure your web based sessions from their site (

Making Twitter more secure: HTTPS

They’ve added a one-time option setting to permanently turn on SSL for your account. If you frequent public hotspot with your netbook, notebook or tablet, you probably want to consider turning this option on.