Twitter launches video sharing app Vine

Twitter today launched its video sharing app Vine in the Apple App Store, according to a blog post from the social network.

Twitter first acquired Vine back in October 2012. Vine is a separate app from Twitter which embeds video in tweets. Vine allows users to make a 6-second long video that can be one continuous shot or multiple cuts strung together. Vine also has its own social network separate from Twitter where users can sign up, follow other users and comment and like videos.

Instagram recently removed photo previews of Instagram photos embedded in a tweet, appearing now as just a text link. A few days later, Twitter launched a photo filter feature for its official Twitter app.

When users hold a finger to the screen Vine will begin recording, when they remove a finger it will stop recording.The app can then stitch together multiple clips to make a continuous video.

Vine today released into a crowded video sharing app market that features the likes of Viddy, Socialcam, and Givit, but none of those apps have come out as the clear leader in video like Instagram has for photos.

For an example of what a Vine video clip looks like embedded in a tweet, check out Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s tweet of him preparing steak tartare.

The app is available now for iPhone and iPod Touch here.