Twitter Launches “Twitter For Newsrooms” For Media Professionals

Twitter has launched “Twitter For Newsrooms”, a service designed to provide media professionals the tools they need to navigate the news in 140-character form.

Twitter For Newsrooms, also known as #TfN, provides “a collection of Twitter resources for reporters, editors, producers, and on-air correspondents”. Anyone in the media industry should find this a useful tool, as it illuminates how to use Twitter to find news stories, conduct detailed searches, and verify facts properly.

Twitter For Newsrooms offer four sections to help those in the media navigate Twitter more effectively: #Report, #Engage, #Publish and #Extra. The #Report section, for instance, offers tips and advice on using Twitter’s advanced search to dig into a story, how to find sources on Twitter, and tips for using mobile Twitter when reporting from the field. The other sections all offer various strategies for optimizing Twitter reporting and publishing.

It’s nice to see Twitter openly engaging with the media professionals that make up some of its most influential and dedicated users. The company’s founders and blogs have been discussing the importance of how the media is using Twitter for some time, and Twitter For Newsrooms is an extension of this embrace.

I expect a number of newsrooms will begin adopting some of the strategies outlined in these guides, as they increasingly become aware of Twitter’s growing importance in breaking, sourcing, and publishing the news.