Twitter Launches New Developer Website

In an effort to stem the criticism that they have been too harsh with their developer community, Twitter has announced the newly launched Twitter Developer Site to cater to the more than 750,000 developers building on the backbone of their platform.

According to Arnaud Meunier, part of Twitter’s platform product team, The Twitter Developer Site “enhances communication channels, offers improved reference material and documentation, and will foster better interaction for everyone who visits it.”

Prior to the newly relaunched site, Twitter had been relying on a mailing list to connect with its developers. Now, the Discussions area of the Twitter Developer Site enables developers to follow the most popular conversations by using the “Hot Topics” tab, and allows them to subscribe to particular threads and categories. They’ve also added a “Dev Teatime” section to get to know the developer community, which is a nice little touch.

The Developer Blog has also been launched in connection with this new site, which will provide a place for developers to learn about new API announcements, case studies, product insights and more.

Twitter has updated its developer and API documentation along with the site’s relaunch, so it should all be up-to-date and structured more intuitively than before.

They’ve also improved the Apps Manager section to include more comprehensive information about developers’ applications.

And finally, Twitter has updated the search at to provide more relevant results, and have also archived the Google Group (which was previously used as the developer hub) to include that in the search results as well.

We’ll touch base with the developer community to see how they feel about Twitter’s new approach, and see whether it is perceived as just a bandaid solution or an honest attempt at reaching out.