Twitter Lags Behind Other Networks When It Comes To Child Protection

A watchdog group has come out and said that Twitter is far behind other social networks when it comes to fighting child abuse and pornography.

As the BBC reports, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) has sent a message to Twitter telling the network to pay more attention to the potential child abuses occurring on its network.

In response to the calls for stricter protections for children, a Twitter spokesperson has said that they accept any complaints that users file about unsavory activity, and they act immediately when these complaints are verified.

Specifically, they work with police organizations and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to ensure that anyone using their network illegally is brought to justice.

Still, Ceop says that Twitter is behind its competitors. Facebook and Bebo have been working with Ceop to implement a “panic button” on their sites: a link that takes users directly to an area from which they can make a complaint. Twitter does not have this type of button, only an email address that users need to search for in order to email a complaint.

Peter Davies, the chief executive of Ceop, gives Twitter some leeway in that it is relatively new to the world of social networking, compared to Facebook and Bebo, saying, “They are a little bit behind some other sites that have been around a little bit longer.”

Without giving any examples, Ceop fears that some pedophiles have reached out to teenage Twitter users through their account.

(Top image: Goldencow Images via Shutterstock)