Twitter Opens New Office In Korea

Move over Psy, there’s a new superstar in Korea. Twitter has just announced that they’re opening a Korean office to promote localized features and partnerships with key companies.

According to The Next Web, Twitter’s vice president of Marketing Development for the Asia-Pacific region, James Kondo, spoke at a press event today to announce the new office.

The plan is for Twitter to use this new office to extend partnership agreements with handset manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, as well as mobile operators, media companies, and even celebrities – so maybe we will see a Gangnam Style Twitter theme in the future.

Twitter is apparently already working with key Korean companies to form partnerships, including LG Uplus, the country’s third-largest mobile operator.

The Korean office is up and running, and Twitter is actively looking for talented individuals to hire.

Twitter has been aggressively opening and expanding its worldwide offices over the past year. In June the company opened its fifth engineering office in Seattle, and just a few months prior it opened an office in Detroit meant to get auto advertisers on board. The company has also recently opened an international office in Germany, and it confirmed Dublin as its international headquarters a year ago.

Twitter’s Korean office will join its office in Japan as part of its Asia-Pacific presence.

(Hat tip: The Next Web; Ribbon cutting image via Shutterstock)