Twitter, Kantar Expand Global Data Partnership

Developing new research tools for marketing

Twitter and marketing data agency Kantar have expanded their relationship.

The two companies have forged a five-year deal to develop new research tools under a program called Data of Now, according to a press release touting the collaboration. The new tools will measure the effectiveness of ads, glean consumer insights and gauge brand performance.


The companies already work closely on social TV ratings—measuring conversations about shows online. Twitter also bought French company Mesagraph and SecondSync in the U.K., both announced today according to TechCrunch. WPP was a SecondSync investor.

Both acquisitions reflect Twitter’s global ambitions, as the company has been expanding its social TV message overseas.

The platform wants to be the go-to place for television advertisers worldwide as brands look to reach audiences that talk about their favorite shows on Twitter. For its part, Twitter is investing in how to measure the conversation and show how valuable it could be for brands to market there.

“Twitter plays host to a real-time, public conversation at scale on all manner of topics—including television,” Twitter COO Ali Rowghani said in a statement today. “We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Kantar beyond media measurement, to other areas that impact their clients. We’re also looking forward to working with Kantar to bring Twitter TV standards and measurement tools to more regions across the globe.”

Kantar works with its clients to plan social media marketing campaigns armed with the data Twitter provides.

“Incorporating Twitter as the ‘data of now’ will allow us to make real-time predictive research a reality for our clients across a range of our services,” Kantar CEO Eric Salama said, also in a statement.