Where Do All The Jerks On Twitter Live?

If you’ve got sensitive eyes, avert them now: this post is going to contain its fair share of profanity. You have been warned.

People on Twitter run the gamut from ultra nice and polite to completely rude. And the latest little map-app will show you where tweeters in both of these camps are from.

The folks at Vertalab created a Twitter heat map to show you where people who say “Good morning” are compared to those who say “Fuck you”.

Between July 14 and 24, they scanned Twitter every hour for these phrases, mapping them to just under 500 distinct locations across the US. You can view the naughty and nice of Twitter by the absolute number of times they greet the day or tell others to F-off, or compare how often they tweet these sentiments compared to previous hours of the day.

Take a look at the “fuck you”s on July 24th at about 1:45 ET:

And here are the “good morning”s a month earlier, on June 24th at 1:20 ET:

Of course, we can’t really draw the conclusion that people are generally rude given these two maps, since “good morning” is related to a particular event (i.e. mornings) and you can tweet “fuck you” pretty much any time.

Still, the total number of “fuck you”s far surpassed “good morning”s every day, indicating that we are more willing to call someone out than to wish them a good morning.

How does your state look on the map of Twitter jerks and nice folks? Let us know in the comments below.

(Hat tip: Gizmodo; Angry businessman via Shutterstock)