Twitter is your High School Gossip Queen [Infographic]

She’s mean. She’s nosey. And she’s the girl that everybody wants. She’s the high school gossip queen, and if social media was a high school, she’d be Twitter.

In the graduating class of 2010, Twitter stands out as the popular – but secretly despised – queen of school gossip. She knows who had lunch with whom, and she’s not afraid to spread it around. She’ll let you know why the perfect couple is fighting, but she’ll also turn around and air your dirty laundry if you’re not careful.

At least, this is how Flowtown sees Twitter in her high school days. The social media company has created an infographic depicting all of our most beloved social media sites as high schoolers. There’s Facebook the jock, Google the prep, and Reddit the reporter.

Twitter is no doubt a bit of a gossip queen, and we think Flowtown is onto something with this label. However, Twitter could also be a reporter, an activist, or a debater. I personally think Twitter is a jack-of-all-trade when it comes to high schooler classification… maybe she deserves to be the class president?

Regardless, with her favorite quote being Madonna’s “Everyone is entitled to my opinion”, Twitter-as-a-high-schooler isn’t someone to take lightly.

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