Twitter Is Tinkering With How Users Share Photos and Videos

Social media consultant Matt Navarra spotted a News Camera feature

Location details and color overlays can be added to photos, videos and livestreams Matt Navarra
Headshot of David Cohen

Twitter confirmed that it is testing ways to simplify the process of sharing images and videos on its platform.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared a video of a Twitter News Camera feature, which enabled him to add location details and color overlays to photos, videos and livestreams.

A spokesperson for Twitter said, “I can confirm that we’re working on an easier way to share thing like images and videos on Twitter. What you’re seeing is in mid-development, so it’s tough to comment on what things will look like in the final stage. The team is still actively working on what we’ll actually end up shipping.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.