Twitter Is Testing Toggling Between Latest Tweets, Top Tweets With Some iOS Users

The social network updated its ‘Show the best tweets first’ setting in September

If you see this, you're in the test group Twitter
Headshot of David Cohen

Twitter continued on its path toward giving people the option of viewing their timelines in reverse chronological order.

In September, Twitter Support announced in a series of tweets that it updated its “Show the best Tweets first” setting so that when it is turned off, people will see tweets from people and accounts they follow, in reverse chronological order, with no more “In case you missed it” or recommended tweets from accounts the user does not follow.

Twitter took the next step Thursday, announcing in a tweet that a “small number” of iOS users will be part of a test group in which they can easily toggle between latest tweets and top tweets.

Those who are included in the test group will see an icon resembling a star in the top-right-hand corner of their Twitter application. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.