Twitter Is Testing a Feature That Lets Brands Automate Their Promoted Tweets

The service will cost $99 per month

Image courtesy of Jason Doiy

Twitter announced a private beta test for a program that enables brands to automatically promote their tweets for $99 per month.

Brands that sign up for the program will receive confirmation emails from Twitter if they are selected for the beta testing. Brands can tweet as they normally would, and the social network will automatically promote some of those tweets, but brands cannot customize which tweets are promoted. They’ll receive biweekly reports on follower and engagement growth.

Audience insights and information on tweet activity and follower growth will also be available via

These campaigns can be targeted by interest categories or locations (metropolitan regions), with no other targeting options available in the private beta.

The first 30 days are free, after which participating brands will be automatically renewed at $99 per month.

Twitter explained that participants in the beta test will run promoted account campaigns for the entire month, as well as promoted tweet campaigns that include up to the first 10 tweets per day, not including retweets, quote tweets or replies.

Not every tweet will serve an impression, and performance will dictate the extent to which tweets are promoted, the social network added.

Twitter said in the frequently asked questions section for the program that it eliminates the need for brands to create and optimize separate ad campaigns themselves, with Twitter doing “the heavy lifting.”

Participants in the private beta will no longer be able to access their Twitter ads accounts, but they can sign up for new accounts and launch new or concurrent campaigns via Information from their current Twitter ads accounts can be retrieved by emailing

Accounts that promote prohibited or restricted goods or services, as outlined in Twitter’s ads policies, cannot participate in the private beta, and the same applies to brands with outstanding balances on their ads accounts, until those balances are paid. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.