Twitter Is Removing Your @Mentions Folder. Here’s How To Get It Back.

Over the next few weeks, Twitter is rolling out a completely revamped interface. And your @mentions folder is getting bulldozed in the process.

While many are looking forward to the changes – which will see the addition of two new folders, the @Username folder and the Activity folder – others are concerned that they won’t have a single place to view all of their @mentions.

Well rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to hold on to your @mentions (and even find some that your old @mentions folder was missing).

First, if you want to see a replica of your old @mentions folder (when yours disappears), you need only type the following into your browser:!/search/realtime/@yourusername (replacing “yourusername” with your Twitter username)

Bookmark it, and you’ve got instant access to all of those @mentions that will soon be removed from’s main interface.

But, that’s not the most efficient way to see who has retweeted, replied to or mentioned you on Twitter.

As we wrote about in April, you can cast a wider net to see who is really talking about you and your brand on Twitter.

Visit, and enter your @username into the search field. But instead of simply searching for that (which will show you your @mentions folder), add the “OR” search operator and start listing related terms. As we explained earlier:

As one, long search query, enter: @username OR “real name” OR domain OR “brand name” OR “product name” OR “anything else you want track”

Hit enter

This will show you not only your @mentions, but any mention of your brand or product at all.

It’s a good idea to create this search now and bookmark it for the time when your @mentions folder will be no more. And, of course, if you’re using a Twitter dashboard, I’d recommend inserting this search into one of your streams or columns, so you can keep an eye on your @mentions at all times.