No Twitter IPO Any Time Soon, But CEO Hints At ‘Pro’ Version Offering

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, told the audience at Wired’s Disruptive by Design conference held earlier today in New York that Twitter will not be going public any time soon – and that a ‘pro’ version may be on the horizon for individual users.

Costolo called talk of there being an ‘IPO window’ that Twitter may miss if it does not go public soon “silly short-sighted thinking.”

The business is working so well and we financed the growth of the company the way we wanted to finance it last year that we don’t see the need to think about that stuff right now.

There’s no window, that’s silly short-sighted thinking. Google went public on its own terms. If you have a great business, then you can be a public company whenever you want to be a public company. You’re not beholden to a window.

We’ll have to wait and see when the “time is right” for Twitter. Maybe they’ll change their minds after Facebook’s IPO is complete?

Outside of this IPO business, Mashable reports that an audience member asked Costolo whether Twitter would ever introduce a “pro” version for individual users and Costolo suggested that it was an idea the company was exploring.

Which piece of information surprises you more?

(Newspaper picture from Shutterstock)

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