Twitter IPO? Not Any Time Soon, Says Co-founder

There’s been lots of speculation around when (not if, but WHEN) Twitter will go public. But according to one Twitter co-founder, an IPO is not on Twitter executives’ minds. Not at all. Nope.

But is this true – or is Twitter just playing coy with potential investors?

A Twitter IPO would certainly decimate Facebook’s IPO – that’s a pretty easy prediction to make as Zuckerberg’s public offering was a public disaster. But that also (obviously) isn’t setting the bar very high and there’s no reason to push the process ahead, regardless of how badly people want it.

At least that seems to be how executives feel about it at Twitter.

Bloomberg caught up with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and he shared that Twitter is “not even thinking about [an IPO] right now.”

“A lot of people think of this as a goal you have to get to but it’s a milestone,” he said on a bench outside a Manhattan café. “If you think about it as a goal you’re rushing towards it and then stop, and that’s not the way to build a timeless company.”

And THAT is what seems to be Twitter’s focus – sticking around long term. It’s a lofty goal and one that has to keep the folks at Twitter awake nights.


Well, Twitter is just a fad that will never catch on (obviously) – just like the Internet didn’t.

But back to reality:  Don’t look to Dorsey for IPO head nods and DEFINITELY don’t look to Twitter’s CEO, because Dick Costolo is expert at dodging IPO questions.

What do you think? Are Twitter execs talking IPO and Dorsey is attempting to throw everyone off (for whatever reason)? Goodness knows they’re great at keeping secrets.

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