Twitter’s IPO Around The Web: 2.11 Posts Per Second, Split Between Lovers/Haters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter's IPO Around The Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

What was the social buzz around Twitter’s IPO? How did it compare to Facebook’s? Who’s doing the buzzing? These questions and more are answered in the huge info-packed infographic below.

CNBC and Mashwork teamed up to gather insights into the chatter on social media during the period leading up to, and including, Twitter’s IPO on November 7th.

For starters, they look at how Twitter’s IPO buzz compared to Facebook’s – and it actually holds up quite well. All-in-all, Twitter’s IPO garnered 182,263 mentions on the internet, with Facebook seeing 183,853 on its IPO day, May 18, 2012.

What’s interesting is that Twitter, as a platform, hosted the majority of both networks’ IPO commentary: 94 percent of Twitter’s IPO buzz occurred on Twitter, and 89 percent of Facebook’s.

However, not all of the people chatting about the unveiling of $TWTR were happy about it: 49 percent of social mentions were positive and 51 percent negative.

Many of the positive mentions were congratulatory in nature, looked favorably on Twitter’s price, or announced that they bought their own piece of the $TWTR pie. The negative commenters seemed to think that Twitter was overpriced and suggested that people refrain from investing.

Take a look at the whole infographic below for more on the internet’s reaction to the Twitter IPO:


(Source: CNBC and Mashwork)