Twitter For iPhone, iPad Now Available For iOS 7 With Fresh Design, New Features

iOS 7 was released yesterday and Twitter didn’t delay in updating their popular iPhone and iPad apps – they were available to download twenty minutes after iOS 7 launched at 10am PST.

Indeed, the demand for iOS 7 was so high that you’ll find it significantly easier to get the new Twitter apps than the operating system – not that there would have been a lot of point doing things t’other way around, even if you could.

Both apps now have undergone a redesign to take advantage of iOS 7’s new look, and both feature iOS 7-specific functionality.

This includes:

  1. You can now use Siri to search Twitter with your voice (learn how to do this here)
  2. Discover music that’s trending on Twitter through the Twitter #music station on iTunes Radio, via Apple’s Music app
  3. Use Shared Links in Safari to enjoy links that have been tweeted by the people you follow

As we’ve outlined, this release is the first in what is ultimately expected to be a much bigger revamp of the official Twitter mobile apps, with the current iOS 7 update merely a stepping stone towards bigger things.

Download both updates on the App Store.

(Source: Twitter Blog.)