How Did Twitter React To The iPhone 4S?

Yesterday Apple unveiled the 4S, the latest model in its popular iPhone range, but despite “200 new features” – which includes an improved camera and video, as well as Siri, a voice-controlled (and clearly quite intelligent) personal assistant – the launch met with a very mixed reception.

Why? Because it wasn’t the highly-touted iPhone 5. Apple’s stock fell over 5 percent immediately following the news (although it later recovered). But how did Twitter react?

We can find out easily enough using Twitter Search, which supports sentiment-based queries using emoticons.

Here are some of the positive responses to the iPhone 4S (click images to see the latest results – beware of the usual spam and junk links).

And some of the negative.

While Twitter Search doesn’t provide Google-esque data on the respective numbers of results, anecdotally it appears to me that Twitter was about as underwhelmed by the launch of the iPhone 4S as virtually everybody else. Although, much like Apple’s stock price, chances are they’ll bounce back once they get their hands on it.

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