Twitter iOS App To Get Major Update

The official Twitter app is getting a major update which will include enhanced notifications, according to reports from

Twitter for iPhone 4.3, which will soon be updated for the iOS 6 redesigned App Store, will include interactive features. Here are a few of the new features leaked in the App Store’s update notes:

  • More interactive Tweet view experience: content previews, videos, images and more will now be shown within tweets containing links to “partner websites.”
  • Tweets about “selected events” will now be highlighted. Twitter will curate the relevant tweets and images
  • In the Connect tab, autocomplete improvements will be now be present. Twitter rolled out something similar to their official website last week.
  • Major push notifications enhancement: You will now be able to choose to receive push notifications when certain people tweet
  • Like in Tweetbot, you will now be able to receive unobtrusive Twitter notifications while you are using the app. (Via Wired News).