Twitter Introduces The Follow Button Across The Web

Twitter has just unveiled a Follow Button which allows website visitors to instantly follow Twitter accounts directly from a participating website.

Over 50 websites have added the Follow Button for the launch of this new product. Sites like IMDb,, Wired, The Huffington Post, and have added the Follow Button today.

The button itself is skinned just like the official Tweet Button, complete with the little blue bird. It is placed on a website beside the name of the person or organization you’d follow if you clicked it. By clicking the Follow Button, you’ll be able to follow that account immediately; if you want to view more information about that particular account, including a list of its latest tweets, before following, you can click the username next to the Button.

Announced on the official Twitter blog Wednesday afternoon, the Follow Button is yet another new feature that Twitter has rolled out (or, in some cases, eliminated) in recent weeks.

Twitter is really pushing the Follow Button as a great way for website publishers to interact with their readers. They’ve created a Follow Button widget creator that will create the HTML for the Button, fully customized for each account and website.

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