Twitter Introduces New Notifications Filters, More

Twitter introduced new safety features aimed at giving users more control over notifications and the content they see in their timelines

Twitter introduced new safety features Wednesday, aimed at giving users more control over notifications and the content they see in their timelines.

With this release, users can now turn on three new notifications filters, which will mute notifications from accounts without a profile picture, verified email address or verified phone number. Users can turn on these new filters in the mobile app by going to the Notifications tab, tapping on the gear symbol in the upper left corner of the screen and tapping on “Advanced filters.”

In addition, users will now be able to mute content, such as words and phrases, from their home timeline. Users will also be able to decide how long the content is muted by selecting from 24 hours, seven days, 30 days or forever.

Finally, Twitter said it is “improving the transparency and openness of [its] reporting process.”

In a blog post, Ed Ho, VP of engineering at Twitter, explained:

We’re continuing to improve the transparency and openness of our reporting process. You’ll start to hear more from us about accounts or Tweets that you’ve reported to our support teams–both when you report harassment directed at you or another account. You will be notified when we’ve received your report and informed if we take further action. This will all be visible in your notifications tab on our app.

These changes are part of a series of safety updates Twitter has released in recent weeks. For instance, Twitter will now place accounts under 12-hour “time-outs” when its identifies abusive behavior, and the company has taken steps to prevent banned users from creating new accounts.