Twitter Interns Probably Make More Than You [STATS]

Twitter Interns Probably Make More Than You [STATS]

Internships aren’t always painted with the kindest brush. They’re typically seen as coffee-slinging, under-appreciated positions where burnout is higher than the demand for unpaid overtime.

But tech internships might not be such a bad racket: Twitter interns earn over 5x the national minimum wage in the US.

Bloomberg went in-depth into the wages and salaries of Silicon Valley interns, uncovering the large sums of money that companies are willing to use to attract the best and brightest young talent.

Over at Twitter, the company is using the equivalent of $81,000 per year to snag their interns. And even if the job does just consist of getting coffee, that beats the $15,080 per year minimum wage a summer intern might make if she was working at Starbucks instead.

And that’s not even the highest paying internship in Silicon Valley. That title goes to Palantir, an artificial intelligence and data analytics operation.

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The average Silicon Valley intern earns about $6,000 a month – higher than the US household average of $4,280.

In addition to their high-flying salaries, interns are also often enticed with free housing, transportation and other perks.

Of course, there are plenty of other factors that go into making an internship attractive. But a sizeable sum of money is one sure way to make top grads pause and consider working for these ambitious, youth-oriented companies.

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