Twitter Launches International Blog

Did you see Twitter’s new blog? It doesn’t have much on it yet, but if it’s like the other Twitter blogs it will be one to watch for breaking news – international news! Yep, we’re geeking out over it.

Kicking off their first post by saying welcome in Esperanto, the blog promises to “offer a glimpse into the whole world of the International team: the work we do, the challenges we face, and the people that make it all possible.”

But what’s that? You don’t know what language Esperanto is? Well, it’s a language created to serve as a common, politically neutral language and meant to foster more effective and fair international communication, of course!

Twitter has a bunch of other resources, and just a TON of twitter accounts to follow, naturally. But they also have a few other blogs that we’re fond of, including:

The main Twitter blog: Where you get all the general Twitter news and announcements. They discuss new features and #hashtag conversations to follow here as well. Their latest creation is #onlyonTwitter, (which is actually its own series) reporting on “those incredible moments that make Twitter so special.” We’ll certainly be watching that series for upcoming posts!

Then there’s Twitter’s advertising blog. This blog offers great promotional tips for business and politicians. This is where they shared details from the recent event Twitter hosted #TwitterDC . It was “an educational event in Washington D.C. for the country’s leading campaign and issue advocacy professionals.” The Twitter team “shared insights with over 100 attendees about how people are using Twitter to shape the political conversation.” Very interesting.

And finally, there’s the Twitter engineering blog. This one is pretty technological, but it will at least get you versed in some smart-speak you can toss around the office! Oh and they recently announced that they were holding an open house, which was probably pretty informative.

Are there other Twitter blogs that you’re following and finding particularly informative? Tell us about them!

(International team image from Shutterstock)

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