Twitter Integration With New Panasonic TV Is The Best Yet [PICS]

There are a few TVs on the market that offer social media integration, including Panasonic’s Viera line. However, the newly upgraded Viera features one of the most seamless integrations with Twitter we’ve seen yet, encouraging you to tweet your predictions for America’s next biggest thing or you all-caps shouts of “GOALLL!” when your team scores in the big game.

The new social media features are available for Panasonic Viera TVs through a new Internet Social Network App called Social TV.

The app enables users to visit Twitter and Facebook while simultaneously watching whatever they like on TV – effectively turning their 60-inch flat screen into 60-inches of social networking glory.

You can continue to watch your favorite program while you tweet on the side, with no interruption of your show.

There are also several other features included with the new Social TV app, including a gaming app and Bollywood movie channel.

Not everyone loves using social media while watching TV, but it is a growing trend. Award show results are tweeted the instant they are announced and hordes of sports fans come on Twitter to celebrate their win (or rant about their loss). Some people prefer to tweet from their smartphones or tablets while the TV is on, but others like everything all in one place.

This new app appears to be just the ticket for those in that second camp. Being able to tweet from your TV while the show you’re tweeting about is playing is no doubt an attractive option for many a TV lover.

How about you? Do you tweet while you watch TV? And if you do, would you like to be able to do it straight from your TV itself? Let us know in the comments below.

(Image courtesy of Engadget)