Twitter in Shock After Japanese Earthquake

A full eight of the ten worldwide trending topics this morning were about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked the shores of Japan Friday. Twitter users are in shock after the unexpected natural disaster, but they are sending their prayers and well-wishes to the people of Japan and others around the world who have been affected by the tsunami.

**Update** Here is a link to our sister site, Social Times’ coverage of the Google Person Finder to help anyone looking for missing persons in the aftermath of the earthquake/tsunami.

Friday’s earthquake will go down in history as one of the top ten largest since we’ve been able to measure them, and is the largest to have hit Japan. It struck the northern shores of Japan, about 250 miles away from Tokyo, and caused massive fires and nuclear plant shutdown. The earthquake caused a tsunami to wreak havoc across the Japanese shoreline, and reach as far as Hawaii.

Twitter conversations about social media marketing and celebrity gossip quickly turned to concern for those affected by this disaster.

Eight of the ten worldwide trending topics are about the disaster in some way: #prayforjapan, #tsunami, #japao, Fukushima, Tokyo Disneyland, Hurricane Katrina, Sendai, and Pacífico.

Twitter users around the world are expressing their hopes and prayers for the people of Japan. There is so much discussion about the earthquake and tsunami, in fact, that many reported being unable to load tweets sporadically throughout the morning.

Image courtesy of the BBC