“Twitter? I hardly Know Her!” – Courtship and/or Creepiness on Twitter

Many relationships begin online these days. Major dating sites like E Harmony or Plenty of Fish attempt to find us a mate by matching our interests with the interests of another user. But can we use Twitter for the same reason?

You bet your heart we can!

We are passing this information on with two goals in mind: First, we will offer some tips for meeting people with similar interests, online – so that you can fall madly in love over Twitter. Second, once you know the tricks, you will know what to avoid if you are creeped out by the whole thing. We want you to keep in mind that there are weirdos out there who are completely capable of using the same methods for meeting people.

But, on the positive side, how do you find the person of your dreams on Twitter?

1. Think of some of your unique interests. What obscure music do you like? What is your favorite city? What are your hobbies? What is your favorite sports team?

Type these things into the search! You will find fellow Tweeters with similar interests. Let’s say music is your passion; and you feel you could relate to people who have the same taste in tunes… Simply type in the name of you favorite music group. And any person who has mentioned that same band recently will pop up.

Toss them a ‘hello’ or a ReTweet.

2. If you live in a big city, type the name of an event, that you plan to attend, in the search. Other Tweeters who will be in attendance may have also Tweeted that they will be there. If you were planning to attend an art show, you may find a person who recently Tweeted about the occasion. Why not send them a Tweet mentioning you will be in attendance? You might hit it off! Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

3. If things go well, the two of you can start start following each other. Then you can take the conversation out of the public sphere; and start DMing. I think they call this, ‘reaching third base’ in the Twitter world. You never know… A romance could blossom from your common interests! And you can avoid the expenses & pressure that comes with online dating sites.

Remember though, one person’s chivalry is another person’s creepiness. So, if your Tweets are public, be careful about what you post.

I wonder if a romance that starts on Twitter can end just as easily on Twitter. A 140-character breakup would be so heartbreaking!

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