Hoax Tweet Sends Twitter Into Tizzy And Police On Goose Chase

Wouldn’t it be hilarious to send a tweet pretending an intruder was in your house?

Sure, if you don’t mind being the talk of Twitter (and not in a good way) and potentially facing charges for your deception.

According to Kara Alongi’s profile, “life is a game. you can either play it or be the one to sit on the sideline.” And if reports are true, she’s playing a pretty big game right now.

Sunday night, she sent out the following tweet:

As you can see, it was retweeted many, many times. And there were countless other tweets that were also retweeted, trying to help this poor girl.

Police were overwhelmed with calls and immediately rushed to her aide only to discover she wasn’t home. Her parents were worried too. She wasn’t home when they arrived and that was unexpected. Where was she?!

But then . . . 

[Her parents] called police to report a burglary and a missing person, but when police arrived at the house they found no signs of forced entry or stolen property, Scherb said. A door was unlocked.

With the help of K-9 units, police tracked her scent from the back door of the house, through a neighbor’s yard and around the corner back onto her block where the scent went cold, Scherb said.

Police then found that someone called a local taxi company asking for a car at Alongi’s address around the same time as the tweet, and a cab driver confirmed that he dropped off a person matching the girl’s description at the Rahway train station.

And then this came out – a tweet she sent immediately after the “someone is in my house” tweet, but deleted:

And the #helpfindKara hashtag turned into this:

But she’s still “missing” whether she ran away or not – so her parents are undoubtedly still worried. So the search is still “on” but it’s different.

It wouldn’t hurt tweople to have a little bit of a heart about this situation and stop painting the girl into the corner – she’s already solidly there. And there’s obviously something wrong any way you slice it.

(Sad girl image from Shutterstock)