Twitter Hires IPO Banker, But Is NOT Planning For IPO (Wink, Wink)

Is Twitter trolling us?

We’ve heard time and again (from Twitter execs) that Twitter execs are NOT thinking of, planning for or even remotely considering a Twitter IPO. Not now, no way.

And then they go and hire an investment banker who, notably (and which they KNOW we’ll all note!) advises on initial public offerings.

Oh Twitter, you’re better at trolling than 4Chan, you sly devils.

The New York Times reports Twitter has hired Cynthia Gaylor, a managing director at Morgan Stanley, as its new head of corporate development.

And she wasn’t hired for her Twitter experience as she JUST sent her first tweet:


But one doesn’t need Twitter experience to manage an IPO, right? Her LinkedIn profile says it all, really: “Cynthia has more than 17 years of technology investment banking experience. . . . Most recently Cynthia is leading Morgan Stanley’s technology execution effort, advising clients across a broad array of strategic financing activities including IPOs,” [bold ours] and a whole bunch of other stuff.

So what’s your guess for Twitter’s IPO? 2014? Tomorrow?

And, more importantly, why is Cynthia “migrating North” when it looks like she’s already working out of San Francisco? Questions, questions everywhere!

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