Twitter Hires Hi5 Co-Founder Akash Garg

Announced yesterday, Twitter has added a high-profile member to its API team. They’ve hired Akash Garg, the co-founder of Hi5 and more recently CTO at Bebo, who will now work on keeping the Twitter you know and love up and running.

First reported at, Garg’s hire is a big feather in Twitter’s cap. With their focus currently being on building a business model while keeping the fail whale at bay, Garg will no doubt help their latter cause.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Garg is a mentor at 500 Startups in addition to being the CTO at Bebo up until, likely, today.

Garg’s hire was officially announced Monday evening by Twitter API’s product manager Ryan Sarver in, as is customary, a tweet: got confirmation from Twitter’s communications team that Garg was indeed brought into the flock as an engineer on the Platform team at the company.