Twitter Hires Former MySpace Exec

Twitter has lured away another big name from a competing tech company. Rita Garg, former MySpace business development director has signed on with Twitter. Garg will be joining Twitter’s expanding team as the director of business development, and she let the world know about her career move in a rather appropriate way: a tweet.

Garg is a mathematician and economist who was in charge of ads and other business aspects at MySpace. As ReadWriteWeb first reported, Garg had worked at MySpace for three years, signing on one month after Facebook had surpassed it in terms of traffic.

Here is Garg’s tweet announcing her new position at Twitter:

Hiring Garg shows that Twitter is ready go go full steam ahead with its advertising solution, known as its Promoted Products. Garg will likely play a large role in developing Promoted Tweets, Accounts and Trends for business partners, and for selling them to new advertisers. Her addition to the Twitter team is another signal that the company will be focusing on making money in 2011.

Twitter’s recent hire of Bing search engineer Alek Kotcz is another recent example of the company’s ability to entice top people from other tech companies over to its team.