Twitter Hires Fired Facebook Exec

Twitter and Facebook are often spoken in the same breath by people giving a cursory nod to social networks, and now there is another reason why you might mention them together: Twitter has just hired a former Facebook exec, who was fired for trading stocks on the secondary markets.

All Things D reports that Michael Brown (@mikeisbrown) has made the jump from Facebook to Twitter after being dismissed from the former for buying its stock on the secondary market – what some might call insider trading.

However, this doesn’t appear to phase Twitter, as the company has confirmed to All Things D that Brown has been brought on as director of corporate development, a similar position to the one he held at Facebook. All Things D speculates that this might indicate that Twitter is looking to amp up its acquisitions and expand.

Twitter has recently hired a country manager in Japan and is looking for employees in London England. And in March alone, they hired 6.5% of their total employee base in one single swoop.

They are clearly expanding their operations to prepare for some serious acquisitions, global expansions, and increased focus on improving their business plan to ultimately make money. Just check out the over 50 positions currently advertised on their Jobs page if you want further proof.

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