Coming Soon To Twitter: Hillary Clinton

Likely hoping to recreate the success of 2012 Presidential nominee (and winner) Barack Obama, word on the street has Hillary Clinton taking aim at Twitter.

And with the buzz she’s already experiencing, we predict surpasses the Mr.’s follower count will take mere minutes.

According to USA Today, “the former secretary of State — and possible 2016 presidential candidate — is “likely to soon start posting” on Twitter using the soon-to-be activated handle @hillaryclinton, according to Politico. The report cites an unnamed “person familiar with the situation.”

Right now, the account is protected and shows zero count all around:

This pre-announcement comes on the heels of her husband, Bill Clinton’s dramatic (not really) Twitter entrance in April of this year.

Clinton first signed up for Twitter during an April 9th appearance on The Colbert Report, when host Stephen Colbert took the liberty of registering the former president as @prezbillyjeff, after the username he’d initially wanted turned out to be unavailable.

“Well, sir,” explained Colbert to Clinton at the time. “I took the liberty of opening you a Twitter account. Now @presidentclinton was taken, @williamjeffersonclinton was taken, but @prezbillyjeff was available.”

Clinton has returned to Twitter today with gusto, fixing his username (no doubt with some behind-the-scenes assistance from Twitter) and posting no fewer than two tweets.

His is now up to 26 tweets and seems to be making a respectable effort:

Looks like she truly is the better half – at least when it comes to building buzz! Will you be following Hillary? Do you follow Bill?

(Image from Shutterstock)