Report: Twitter Dramatically Increases Business Leads

Twitter_buttonUsing Twitter and a regularly updated blog increases business leads for small and medium sized businesses. According to an eMarketer report, a sizable community of followers on Twitter in combination with an active blog can double average monthly leads by engaging potential customers and improving the company’s presence on Google.

The report examined small and medium sized businesses, ranging from one to over fifty employees, to determine how effective Twitter is in creating leads. The findings indicate that it is extremely effective: over half of the companies that used Twitter saw double their non-Twitter using counterpart’s lead generation.

However, it is not simply a matter of Tweeting and expecting leads. The reach of a company’s twitter account had a direct impact on their lead generation. Those companies with 100 to 500 followers saw 146% more median monthly leads than their competitors with less than 100 followers.

Blogs also have an impact on generating business leads. When a company has reached enough content, on average between about 24 to 51 posts, they can begin to see a growth in leads due to both engagement with potential customers and more indexed pages on Google.

Social networking strategies require much more than just spamming a Twitter account with promos for your business. They require regular content, attention to your community, and building a connection between your customers and your products. Twitter and a company blog, when used together, can help generate leads if they are used effectively.