Twitter Has Fun With Elon Musk’s ‘D’

Unfortunately named car reminds Internet of penis slang

Elon Musk’s model D car is the most unfortunately named product since the iPad reminded consumers of feminine hygiene. So when Musk promised to "unveil the D" last night, you could imagine the reaction on Twitter. The Internet’s mind immediately goes into the gutter when it hears "The D" is coming: The D, of course, is shorthand for male genitalia to many practitioners of slang. 

In the past, "The D" may have stood for, say, defense, but not in the age of texting and digital shorthand.(Just ask Urban Dictionary, the ultimate repository of Web speak.) 

For Musk and Tesla, The D is their latest electric car, which they did indeed unveil Thursday. Musk said the wordplay is just coincidental after he first tweeted he would "unveil the D and something else," but Twitter ran with it anyway. And the media of course had its fun.

After having a look at the long-anticipated new model Tesla, the market sent the stock downward with a little "d" for disappointment. That led to some pun-filled headlines like this gem from The Huffington Post: "Market Unimpressed With Elon Musk’s D." BuzzFeed picked up on the Internet reactions after Musk’s first tweet about it, and then the Website declared his D didn't measure up after the announcement Thursday. And Twitter continues to have its fun. Have a look at what they think of Musk’s D.