No One’s Listening To Your Tweets? Start Putting Your Twitter Handle Everywhere

If 140-characters get sent on Twitter and there’s no followers to see them, were they really sent at all?

Deep, isn’t it? OK, it might not be the most elegant philosophical thought experiment there is, but it does raise the question of whether or not your tweets are being heard.

If you have only a handful of followers who barely interact with your tweets, you’re not getting much out of Twitter. Here’s how to fix that.

Many individuals and small and medium sized businesses already have some sort of web presence before they jump onto Twitter.

They have a Facebook account, LinkedIn, a website, a blog… and then they decide to add Twitter to the mix.

But without a strategy to bring their current connections over to Twitter with them, it’s going to be an uphill battle to be heard amidst the millions of other Twitter-ers sending over a billion tweets a week.

Businesses usually don’t have to start from scratch when they sign up from Twitter. It just takes a little strategizing to capitalize on the connections they’ve already built up online and transition them over to Twitter.

And here’s how you do it: include your Twitter handle in as many digital outposts as you have. Got a website? Put a Twitter button on the homepage. Spend time blogging? Add a Tweet button to each post.

Here are some other common places you can put your Twitter handle:

  • In your email signature line
  • On your Facebook page
  • On your LinkedIn profile
  • On your business card
  • In online and print advertising
  • At the beginning of any web videos you’ve produced

…you get the idea. Be creative!

If people don’t know that you’re on Twitter, they won’t follow you. It’s as simple as that! So by simply displaying your Twitter handle where you have already built up connections, you’ll convert a portion over to Twitter followers. It’s an easy way to quickly boost your following with individuals that already have a relationship with you.

How do you let your current connections know you’re on Twitter? Let us know your strategy in the comments below.

(Stickie notes image via Shutterstock)