‘Twitter Handle Advisor’ Is a Real Job Now

Ever dealt with a client whose preferred Twitter tag is already taken?

In a development that’s sure to secure a spot on the next “most misunderstood jobs” list, the New York Post tells us that some enterprising professionals are working as “Twitter handle advisors”, or people who help clients get the handles they want.

Here’s an example of the problem they’re solving: JP Morgan Chase really wanted the @chase handle, but it had already been taken—so they offered the guy who snagged it $20K to hand it over. This is strictly against Twitter rules, which forbid the buying and selling of handles, but Chase still got its way when Twitter wrested @chase away from the unfortunate man by citing “alleged trademark issues”. Dubious. Barilla pasta non-fan Andy Cohen also recently changed his handle from @BravoAndy to just plain @Andy and locked out the former so no one could imitate him. But we’re sure no money changed hands there…

“Social media manager” jobs are supposedly on the way out, but this is far more ridiculous—and we have no idea how it works beyond bribing the early adopters to give up handles like @bob or @patrick.

It’s a fairly common problem, though: we’ve noticed some firms with handles that don’t quite match their names. Anybody have experience with this sort of thing?