No Time To Tweet? 3 Twitter Hacks And Shortcuts That Really Speed Things Up

Twitter is all about the real-time and now – it’s go, go, go – but sometimes it seems to take an awful lot of effort to do what should really be a very simple task.

It certainly doesn’t have to be that way – here are 3 quick and painless Twitter hacks to help you speed through your day.

(Note: many of these tips work only on, while others are useful no matter what your choice of client.)

Hack 1 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Log in to and hit the ? key on your keyboard (don’t enter it as a tweet). Up pops a list of very convenient keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re old school and prefer using your keyboard to your mouse or trackpad, this information will get you very excited indeed.

Click the X to close the pop-up, and then try these keyboard shortcuts:

n – write a new tweet
enter – toggles the right-hand details pane
space – page down
/ – search

There are also double-key commands, too.

. : – refresh tweets and go back to the top of the page
g h – (go) home
g r – open your replies and mentions tab
g p – open your profile page
g f – go to your favourites
g m – go to your direct messages
g u – go to a person’s profile (an input box will pop up)

Open up any tweet and further shortcuts are available.

f – favourite a tweet
r – reply
t – retweet
m – direct message

Pro Tip: It’s worth playing around and familiarising yourself with some of these commands as after a while, much like ALT+TAB, CTRL/CMD+B and so on, they become second nature. Plus, it looks rather impressive when people are watching over your shoulder, like you’re some kind of Twitter Ninja.

Hack 2 – A Quicker Way To Send A Direct Message

Another keyboard shortcut. To quickly send a direct message, simply hit the ‘d’ letter on your keyboard, then space, enter the desired username (without the @ symbol) followed by another space, type out your message and send.


d sheamus Thanks for these Twitter hacks!

As your fingers are usually on your keyboard, this can save at least a couple of seconds each time you want to send a direct message, but have to laboriously move to your mouse or trackpad before instructing your pointer to crawl towards and then (ugh) click a couple of buttons. Those seconds add up. Before you know it, you’ll have enough to buy a new coat.

And better still: this works everywhere, not just on

Pro Tip: if you forget the space after the ‘d’ it won’t go out as a direct message. Instead, you’ll broadcast it to your entire network. So, buyer beware.

Hack 3 – The Fastest Way To Find Anybody On Twitter (Off Twitter)

You’d think the easiest way to find somebody on Twitter would be on Twitter. But no – it’s awkward, unreliable and a pain in the ass.

The easiest way to find someone on Twitter is on Google. Especially if you know their full name.

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type in twitter firstname lastname (example: twitter shea bennett)
  3. Hit enter

Nine times out of ten Google will put the exact person you’re looking for at the top of the search results.

Pro Tip: Occasionally the person you’re after isn’t at the top of the search results, doesn’t show up on Google at all, or shares a common name with a billion other people. This isn’t your fault – it’s theirs. They should have worked harder at standing out. And you can punish them by finding somebody else to follow instead, thus ensuring they get less followers, which increases the chances of them not showing up in Google. It’s a cruel world.

Bonus Hack – See What Someone Else Sees On Twitter (So You Don’t Waste Time Following Them)

Ever wondered what somebody else sees on their Twitter? Thanks to recent changes made by Twitter this is now a really easy process. Simply visit any user’s profile, click on their following link, and away you go.