Twitter Growth Surges in Brazil, Indonesia, Germany

Amid the many reports of Twitter’s growth flattening out, largely due to the use of third-party Twitter clients, use of the microblogging service is rising at a healthy pace outside of the United States, according to social-media-analytics and monitoring firm Sysomos, ReadWriteWeb reported.

Sysomos said Brazil’s percentage of Twitter users shot up to 8.8% from 2% in June, Indonesia’s to 2.5% from 0.5% and Germany’s to 2.5% from 1.5%, while the United States’ share plunged from 62% to 50%, ReadWriteWeb reported.

The United Kingdom boasts more active tweeters, however, as Sysomos found that despite Brazil claiming a larger share of Twitter users, 8.09% of total tweets came from the former versus 6.73% from the latter, according to ReadWriteWeb.

As for the highly touted addition of geo-tagging and geo-location services, Sysomos scanned 10 million tweets from Monday and Tuesday and found that only 0.23% were tagged using the Geotagging API, ReadWriteWeb reported.